Libor Kramoliš


My name is Libor, Libor shamoh Kramoliš.

I am a software architect, designer, and senior application developer. My primary programming language is Java, already since 1997. I have experience with design and development of Java EE applications since 2003 including development of SOAP / REST web services. During whole my career I often design and develop API or work for other developers (IDE, development framework, mentoring, troubleshooting). I can define development patterns or conventions. I can lead a small development team or participate in the training team.

I am a careful man. I do things in depth, I do not like superficial solutions. I can help the team to solve problems because of my knowledge and experience. I am a team player. I am a creative man, I like analyzing problems, doing the feasibility study and designing final solutions.

I love technology. I am interested in functional programming, event-driven and reactive patterns including the actor model. I even believe in the future of MDA. I love humor and good mood in the workplace.